Traducteur Technique indépendant de l'anglais vers le français depuis plus de 15 ans
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Traduction, Edition, Post-édition, révision, QA, Testing linguistique bétâ et versions finales, coordination de projet

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Traduction, Localisation, Testing

Fields of practice:
Traduction, Révision, Testing

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction informatique Documentation

Types of interventions:
Traduction et toutes tâches linguistiques associées, préparation de projets, spécifications, guides de style, glossaires, etc.

Training courses attended:

Licence Lettres


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
Outils de traduction, IBM TM, Trados, SDL


Some references:
IBM, Adobe, Autodesk, RealNetworks, etc.

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Plus de 15 ans d'expérience dans le domaine technique
Missions de traduction et de localisation pour divers clients à la pointe du marché, tels qu'Adobe, RealNetworks, Autodesk, IBM, Microsoft, ComputerAssociates, etc.
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Nationality: French
Translation: English to French
Areas: IT software and systems,
Graphics, Printing, Publishing,
Networks, Telephony, Databases
Medical hardware

Over 15 years in Localisation within various international companies (Aldus, Adobe, McQueen, Sykes)
Established freelance native translator since 2000, providing translation services,
related linguistic tasks, coordination/lead services, project linguistic preparation, job specs, style guides, glossaries, etc.
Professional, reliable and flexible aiming at maintaining quality and excellent client relationship

MT Post-Editing
Linguistic testing of beta software and final builds
On-site assignments – short and medium term
Project coordination
Software resources, on-line help, Screenshots, Web contents, Scripts
User guides, Tutorials, Getting started, Training documents, Fact sheets, Specifications
Graphics, Imaging, Multimedia, Printing, Publishing, Networks, Telephony, Databases, hardware, e-business, CRM, ERP, Electronics (audio, video, security), medical hardware

French Literature and Modern languages Degree
Specialisation Translation
Université de Bordeaux

LANGUAGES French native speaker
Spanish, fluent, written and spoken
English, fluent, written and spoken
Italian, (fair)

Linguistic services and Testing for a wide spectrum of clients and projects including Lotus (Notes, Domino, Aix, Websphere); Adobe (FrameMaker, GoLive, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, PageMaker, PageMill, Photodeluxe, eBook, ImageReady, InCopy, InDesign, LiveMotion, Type Manager, etc.); Autodesk; HP, Lexmark, Digital Bridges, Corel, IBM, Imation, Insignia, Intel, Kodak, MacAfee, Siebel, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Sonic, Iomega, Interlogix, Rockwell; Computer Associates;
Orbital Software (Knowledge Management), Agile Software (Product Chain Management Solutions), SPSS (Analytical Solutions), Aspect (CMR Solutions), Sybase (Business Solutions);
United Nations (FAO), etc.

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP Professional,
Word processors: Microsoft Word
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop
Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel
Connection: Wireless
Translation Tools: Trados 7.5 Freelance, SDLx latest version, IBM TM latest version
Printer: HP Color DeskJet Printer,
CD/DVD Writer

Status reports to client request
Anti-virus software Norton Antivirus
Data protection and security procedures
Daily backup on separate disk
Formal archive of project (kept for 6 months.)


From November 1999 Freelance Technical Translator/ Project Manager

December 1997 to 1999 Sykes Europe Limited
Translation Manager
1995 to 1997 McQueen Limited
Translation Manager
1994 to 1995 Adobe Europe Limited, Edinburgh
Translation Manager
Responsible for departmental strategy, growth and expertise.
1992 to 1993 Aldus Europe Limited, Edinburgh
Localisation Support Co-ordinator
and Translator into French
1990 to 1992 Aldus Europe Limited, Edinburgh
Localisation Project Leader
Translating, Leading and Co-ordinating team of
French translators.
1988 to 1990 Aldus Europe Limited, Edinburgh
Software and documentation Translator
(French and Spanish)
1986 - 1987 Lothian Region Education Department Edinburgh
Language teacher (French and Spanish)
Freelance translator for Livingston Corporation
and Scottish Television
1986 Assistant to Public Relations and Media consultancy

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